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Seattle Metro – Route 28

04.01.2010 · Posted in Travel

So I wrote King County Metro, asking them why they’re treating route 28 so poorly. Their response might make sense to a new rider, but I’ve been riding this route for 6 years. So the idea of not having larger buses available doesn’t tell the whole story. They were using larger buses, but something changed ...

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Air Travel Safety or Airport Lines

08.11.2006 · Posted in Travel

SEATTLE — Once again, Patrick Smith adjust the signal-to-noise ratio surrounding air travel in his most recent Salon article, “Getting beyond our airport security obsession“. By the time any attacker makes it to the metal detector, chances are it’s already too late. There are too many ways to outwit that final line of defense. Technorati ...

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Hurricane Rita: Hanson Family

09.21.2005 · Posted in Family & Friends, Hurricane Rita, Travel, Weather

SEATTLE – I heard from Karen that both of her brother’s families are evacuating the Galvestion Bay area. Brian, Tamara, and Makayla live in Pearland, TX and are heading to Tamara’s family farm in Arkansas. Mark, Jennifer, Brandon, Avery & Chance, who also live near Pearland, are heading up to Ron & Kathy’s house on ...

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Countries I’ve Visited

04.21.2005 · Posted in Travel

2005 April 21 SEATTLE – Been doing a little thinking and decided to make a list… United States of America Mexico Canada Ireland Scotland Wales Great Britain Italy The Vatican Switzerland Austria Germany ...

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