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Zen of Less – Or More?

Seth says more:   More or less You can either seek to get more out of an opportunity (job, technology, interaction, person, moment), or less. More exposure, more risk, more upside, more work, more learning, more engagement, more passion, more chance to be blamed, more opportunity to make a difference, more effort… or less.  Zenhabits ...

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You Know What I Mean

My friend Agastya wrote: Miscommunication occurs when one speaker uses a word in one context, and another interprets that same word slightly differently due to his or her own preconceptions about what that word actually means. Was he talking about the analysis related to a tricky technology project?  Nope, but he could have been.  He ...

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Committed or Apathetic: Where are you?

01.24.2006 · Posted in People & Teams

SEATTLE — I recently came across a mailing list post where the author mentioned Peter Senge’s book, The Fifth Discipline while describing ways to motivate an uninspired worker by describing Senge’s continum and his own expectations about where she should fall upon it. The interesting thing about this tatic is that it presumes the employee ...

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