When is Software Design Complete (Enough)?

05.17.2005 · Posted in Computers & Technology

17 May 2005 SEATTLE – In this age of agile software development, it’s too easy to rush through design, and begin coding too soon. In addition to the obvious problems (missed requirements, etc), this can also have devestating effects on the development team when they start seeing that development has built something completely different than ...

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Countries I’ve Visited

04.21.2005 · Posted in Travel

2005 April 21 SEATTLE – Been doing a little thinking and decided to make a list… United States of America Mexico Canada Ireland Scotland Wales Great Britain Italy The Vatican Switzerland Austria Germany ...

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Spring 2005 BBQ

04.20.2005 · Posted in Home

20 April 2005 SEATTLE – It looks like we may have a new tradition on our hands. By all accounts, the spring 2005 BBQ was a great success; good friends, good food (the brisket came out okay, I think), good drink (Mmmmm Shiner Bock)…take a look for yourself: http://www.caropepe.com/house/seattle/2005/index.htm ...

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Home Theater URLs

03.14.2005 · Posted in Home Theater

14 March 2005 Seattle – A friend of mine asked about some of the research I’ve been doing in preparation for designing and building our (future) home theater. It’s true, I have the bug and there’s no going back… Anyway, most of the research happens online and is in the form of reading and seeing ...

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2005 Chilly Hilly

02.27.2005 · Posted in Bicycling

27 February 2005 Seattle – I did the 2005 edition of Cascade Bicycle Club’s Chilly Hilly. 2675 vertical feet in 34 miles (I took a brief detour to the Blackbird Bakery in Winslow), 2 hours 34 minutes, max speed of 44.30 mph. I managed to snap some photos with my camera phone. Here are a ...

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