9 Responses to “R.I.P Gretchen Caropepe”

  1. Di, Eug, and Joseph says:

    K & J,
    Sorry to hear about Gretchen. She’ll be very happy in WH, that’s short for Weimeraner Heaven. Our condolences from Powers Lake.
    Di, Eug, and Joseph

  2. This is my favorite picture of Gretchen. It was taken by Joe in the morning at our house in Austin. He was playing with our first digital camera. What a great dog. We were lucky to have her as part of our family for so long.

  3. Mark & Jenn says:

    Sorry to hear about Gretchen, she will be greatly missed. We know she was a beautiful, intelligent, and loving friend and family member for many years. We will all miss her. Our sympathies are with you and Joe.

  4. oh my sweetness. she was the smartest sweetest most wonderful lap dog ever. i love her. the very biggest hug to you both.

  5. brian hanson says:

    I will always remember her with her head buried in my leg as I petted her. The way she used to attempt to climb into the sofa during thunderstorms. The infamous stolen fajita during a cookout in Clear Lake Shores.The way she would bark at Mason so he would move off the bed so she could lay down in the warm spot, and Gretchen z ezcape artist.
    Adios gretch

  6. Alison and John says:

    Ah Karen and Joe…..here’s a toast to a most wonderful dog friend….Gretchen was always so sweet. We’ll all miss her, love from John, Alison, Beauie and the cats

  7. Dear Joe and Karen,
    I’m so sorry to hear about Gretchen. She brought a lot of love and sweetness to the world, and will be missed dearly.

  8. Joe & Karen,
    Sorry I could’t back to you sooner, but I was on trip in down state Illinois when Mom told me of your loss.We both know that she had a good family and was loved dearly. What more could anyone ask.
    More later,
    Mom and Dad

  9. Denny and Mata says:

    She is waiting for you and the Rainbow Bridge, along with her cohort in mischief, Mason, probably doing a little counter surfing. So sorry for your loss.