Web Site Redesign

02.05.2005 · Posted in Web Site News

4 February 2005
Seattle – After a lot of tweaking I think I’m finally getting a look for this web site that I like. In the process I’m learning a great deal about the power of Movable Type, the software that powers most aspects of this site. I have also upgraded to the latest version of MT.
The look that I’m going with takes advantage of the blogging capabilites that MT affords. The center section of the page is now going to be used to hold postings and articles.
I made sure not to lose the links that used to be in the main body. You can find all of those links (plus a few more) over there on the right side of the page.
Let me know what you think by posting a comment, or dropping me an email joe@caropepe.com.

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