AR System 7.0 Released by July 2006?

02.17.2006 · Posted in BMC Remedy, Computers & Technology

KIRKLAND, WA — At the latest incarnation of the local Northwest Remedy User’s Group (RUG) held at the BMC Software offices today in Kirkland, WA, BMC announced that it expects to release ITSM 7.0 in the second quarter of this year. A number of ITSM 7.0 applications exhibit features only available in AR System 7.0 ...

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An Adaptive Path Kind of Day

02.15.2006 · Posted in Computers & Technology

SEATTLE — The day started out like any other. No, really, it did. The first thing that happened was I fired up the iPod on my way to the bus stop. I subscribe to a number of podcasts that get downloaded every night so each morning is kinda a surprise – I don’t know what ...

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Committed or Apathetic: Where are you?

01.24.2006 · Posted in People & Teams

SEATTLE — I recently came across a mailing list post where the author mentioned Peter Senge’s book, The Fifth Discipline while describing ways to motivate an uninspired worker by describing Senge’s continum and his own expectations about where she should fall upon it. The interesting thing about this tatic is that it presumes the employee ...