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The folks @makershed are giving away an iPad! Follow @makershed and RT to enter. I just did! http://bit.ly/fW8WR1 ...

Unity of Effort

09.09.2010 · Posted in Computers & Technology

Hearing Admiral Thad Allen today on NPR mention the need for Unity of Effort as the single biggest challenge facing disaster response efforts, made me want to learn more about the phrase. From the US Military Doctrine for Joint Operations: Ensure unity of effort under one responsible commander for every objective. . . . Unity ...

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Seattle Metro – Route 28

04.01.2010 · Posted in Travel

So I wrote King County Metro, asking them why they’re treating route 28 so poorly. Their response might make sense to a new rider, but I’ve been riding this route for 6 years. So the idea of not having larger buses available doesn’t tell the whole story. They were using larger buses, but something changed ...

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Kodak: A Company Without a Clue

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Kodak tells me: …our policy that Gallery customers make an annual purchase in exchange for unlimited photo storage… Deleting my albums so they don’t have the satisfaction. I’m a “pro” with Flickr, so goodbye Kodak. Anyone remember Ofoto? Amazing… ...

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Time Tracking in IT Projects

Everyone agrees that having being able to know where one’s time is spent is a Good Thing. However, there is no greater gap between understanding the need for a process and the pain involved in actually implementing the process than with time tracking. Everyone I know working in information technology hates the whole idea of ...

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