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Deception Pass – Two Power Boats

02.21.2005 · Posted in Uncategorized

Deception Pass – Two Power Boats, originally uploaded by caropepe. If you look closely, you’ll see two power boats. The far hard-bottom inflatable is a tour boat, just idling. The closer one is a fishing boat blasting through the pass. The current was ripping through at about 7 knots… ...


02.11.2005 · Posted in Uncategorized

12 February 2005 Seattle – Neil Prakash, a Tank Platoon Leader in Fallujah who can write (and write well) has a blog giving some insight to whats going on in Iraq. Here’s a sample: “It was midnight. We had followed in the dust trails of Avenger Company. Behind my armored platoon, the scout humvees bumped ...

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Are the Great Lakes Being Drained?

02.08.2005 · Posted in Uncategorized

8 February 2005 Seattle – A short time ago my good friend Eugene forwarded me an article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal that reports “a conservation group” has released a study claiming a hole has been punched in the Great Lakes, and is responsible for “draining” Lake Michigan. The Georgian Bay Association commissioned a study ...

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Fun With Images: Art or Not?

02.06.2005 · Posted in Uncategorized

6 February 2005 Seattle – I’m playing around with different online image generators. These nifty applications allow you to enter some text, and spit out the results. The Church Sign Generator provides hours of silly fun: …While the TypoGenerator is little more serious: Eoban gets all metaphysical in his article Computer Generated Art – Is ...

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