• Making Sense of President Trump
    A lot of focus is being placed on the DNC, HRC’s (lack of) honesty, and Wikileaks. Yes, those are chinks in the armor, but I think what caught everyone off guard is better explained by looking at who voted for Donald Trump. Chris Matthews during MSNBC’s 2016 election night coverage said (roughly), “…a New Yorker […]
  • Are Tesla’s Homegrown Business Apps a Good Idea?
    On November 1st the Wall Street Journal reported on how Elon Musk is choosing his approach to IT at Tesla. In short, they’re building their own business applications. “Last year, Tesla was facing delivery delays of the all-electric Model S which it introduced on June 22, 2012. At the same time, Mr. Vijayan’s team of about 25 software engineers […]
  • Respect the Role
    Every role comes with responsibility. When I see you aren’t taking care of your responsibilities I have a couple of options. If I don’t respect your role, I’m free to tackle those responsibilities myself. Sure it’s extra work for me, but – especially if we don’t value teamwork – I’ll look good in the eyes of my superiors, […]
  • BMC Communities – Tutorial – BMC Atrium Orchestrator JMS Monitor Adapter with Apache ActiveMQ
    I’ve just published an article over at the BMC Community site called: Tutorial – BMC Atrium Orchestrator JMS Monitor Adapter with Apache ActiveMQ, and you can find it here: https://communities.bmc.com/communities/docs/DOC-20005 This came from from putting together a proof-of-concept using BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO) and Apache’s ActiveMQ that took entirely too long. Why so long? A […]
  • BMC Remedy – Forrester: Cost, Ease of Use & Upgrades
     One of Stephen Mann’s points about Remedy in his coverage of BMC’s recent acquisition of Numara included this: 6. BMC needs to get better messaging out about customizing Remedy and associated costs, and the issues-of-old related to the cost and pain of upgrading between product versions. Cost, ease of use, and upgrades are why customers are leaving what is […]
  • 20 Years of Remedy ARS – How did we get here? (Part 2)
    Theme: 20 Years of Remedy ARS – How did we get here? (Part 2) Introductions by Doug Blair/Quick Review by Dan Bloom Three founders, Larry Garlick, Dave Mahler, and Doug Mueller In part 1 of this article I discussed the backgrounds of the Remedy founders, how they came together to build a successful customer-centric company, […]
  • 20 Years of Remedy ARS – How did we get here? (Part 1)
    Theme: 20 Years of Remedy Action Request System – How did we get here? (Part 1) Introductions by Doug Blair/Quick Review by Dan Bloom Three founders: Larry Garlick, Dave Mahler, and Doug Mueller Larry Garlick had history working for companies like Xerox and Sun during the 1970’s & 1980’s, while Dan & Doug came from […]
  • WWRUG 2011 Keynote
    The braintrust behind Remedy Corporation & ARS. #wwrug
  • Zen of Less – Or More?
    Seth says more:   More or less You can either seek to get more out of an opportunity (job, technology, interaction, person, moment), or less. More exposure, more risk, more upside, more work, more learning, more engagement, more passion, more chance to be blamed, more opportunity to make a difference, more effort… or less.  Zenhabits […]
  • This sounds really familiar – almost like I was there! #myffr
  • Most Leaders Die With Their Mouth Open
  • Mind Maps & Uml
    ramblingwebgirl: Sharing my favourite mind map article. A must read. #Agile Modeling with Mind Map and UML – http://tinyurl.com/23u5e6 #businessanalysis Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/ramblingwebgirl/status/55756090784231424 Sent via TweetDeck (www.tweetdeck.com)
  • 39 days since Seattle officially had a sunny day
  • Epsilon Data Breach Affecting More Companies
    First there was Kroger reporting user data had been stolen.  Now it’s Robert Half technologies chiming in:     Dear Valued Customer, Today we were informed by Epsilon Interactive, our national email service provider, that your email address was exposed due to unauthorized access of their system. Robert Half uses Epsilon to send marketing and […]
  • Kroger Data Breach – Whoops!
    Dear Valued Customer, Kroger wants you to know that the data base with our customers' names and email addresses has been breached by someone outside of the company. This data base contains the names and email addresses of customers who voluntarily provided their names and email addresses to Kroger. We want to assure you that […]
  • Waxed & Running Out of Things to do..
  • Centering the hoodscoop & getting ready to drill 23 highly visible holes #myffr
  • Washington state watching radiation levels. Another headline I never expected to see…
  • Gotta love a 3 Stooges IFC marathon on a rainy Saturday morning. #whoopwhoop
  • There goes James Stewart, huge lead & throws it away. # supercross
  • Body is on! A big thanks to Lou, Barney, Lance, Rick, Paul & Karen! #myffr
  • Documentation in the Agile World
  • Thinking of Initiators, Poking the Box, and The Domino Project
    Seth has me thinking of all of these things.  Start here: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2011/03/initiators-1-ptb.html
  • Untitled
    The folks @makershed are giving away an iPad! Follow @makershed and RT to enter. I just did! http://bit.ly/fW8WR1
  • Champ Pans oil pan going in the Cobra this weekend! #myffr
  • You Know What I Mean
    My friend Agastya wrote: Miscommunication occurs when one speaker uses a word in one context, and another interprets that same word slightly differently due to his or her own preconceptions about what that word actually means. Was he talking about the analysis related to a tricky technology project?  Nope, but he could have been.  He […]
  • Unity of Effort
    Hearing Admiral Thad Allen today on NPR mention the need for Unity of Effort as the single biggest challenge facing disaster response efforts, made me want to learn more about the phrase. From the US Military Doctrine for Joint Operations: Ensure unity of effort under one responsible commander for every objective. . . . Unity […]
  • Seattle Metro – Route 28
    So I wrote King County Metro, asking them why they’re treating route 28 so poorly. Their response might make sense to a new rider, but I’ve been riding this route for 6 years. So the idea of not having larger buses available doesn’t tell the whole story. They were using larger buses, but something changed […]
  • Kodak: A Company Without a Clue
    Kodak tells me: …our policy that Gallery customers make an annual purchase in exchange for unlimited photo storage… Deleting my albums so they don’t have the satisfaction. I’m a “pro” with Flickr, so goodbye Kodak. Anyone remember Ofoto? Amazing…
  • Time Tracking in IT Projects
    Everyone agrees that having being able to know where one’s time is spent is a Good Thing. However, there is no greater gap between understanding the need for a process and the pain involved in actually implementing the process than with time tracking. Everyone I know working in information technology hates the whole idea of […]
  • R.I.P Gretchen Caropepe
    Spring 1992 – October 6, 2008
  • When is Software Design Complete Enough?
    In this age of agile software development, it’s too easy to rush through design, and begin coding too soon. In addition to the obvious problems (missed requirements, etc), this can also have devastating effects on the development team when they start seeing that development has built something completely different than what they were expecting. On […]
  • Crime in Broadview
    SEATTLE — A while back (probably in December or January) my beater (unlocked) had it’s glovebox rifled . Nothing was taken, but the contents were scattered around the interior. Several neighbors reported having the same thing happen to them over the same weekend. Then, a few weeks later, I heard that a neighbor up the […]
  • ARS: Reporting using Mid-Tier and CR 10/CRXI/BOXI on Seperate Server (Windows)
    SEATTLE — Since ARS Mid-Tier 6.3 more BMC Remedy AR System implementations than ever are using web browsers as the client of choice. This version was completely redesigned from earlier efforts and closed the gap in speed and functionality that’s long existed between the AR User tool and the Mid-Tier. While users enjoy the ease […]
  • ITSM Incident Priority & Priority
    ITSM Incident Priority & Priority Weight In the Incident Management configuration, weights are applied to the impact and urgency values (behind the scenes). When a support staff member selects an impact and urgency of an Incident, the Incident Management application adds the numerical weights together in order to calculate the priority weight, then assigns a […]
  • ARS: Discovery & CMDB
    ARS: Discovery & CMDB There are two primary components of this integration: The BMC Topology Discovery server, and the BMC Atrium CMDB (running on the BMC Remedy Action Request System). The Topology Discovery server has a number of discovery tasks that scan the defined network segment looking for specific types of devices. Once discovered, these […]
  • Joost Beta
    SEATTLE — I’ve been a beta tester of the Joost video-over-the-Internet service since it was still called “The Venice Project”. They’ve made some great improvements, especially in the performance and usability. In the early days, selecting a channel (let alone) a program could be agonizing — even with a speedy network connection. They’ve obviously been […]
  • Did We Kill Life on Mars?
    SEATTLE — Tom Paulson over at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is reporting that the Viking mission to Mars may have discovered living organisms that we promptly destroyed becuase they weren’t in a form we expected. A previously confusing finding on Mars by the Viking Landers was evidence of chemical oxidation. Scientists at the time assumed this […]
  • Air Travel Safety or Airport Lines
    SEATTLE — Once again, Patrick Smith adjust the signal-to-noise ratio surrounding air travel in his most recent Salon article, “Getting beyond our airport security obsession“. By the time any attacker makes it to the metal detector, chances are it’s already too late. There are too many ways to outwit that final line of defense. Technorati […]
  • Devshop Project Management Private Beta Begins Aug. 1
    SEATTLE — Devshop, the hosted project management service “just for software development”, has announced that they’re going into private beta on Aug. 1, 2006. You can view screenshots, or sign up for the beta on their home page. Technorati Tags: devshop, projectmanagement, software, web2.0
  • Gnomedex 6.0: Gillmor Gang
    SEATTLE — Steve Gillmor produced his latest podcast during today’s lunch break. Attendees included Gillmor, Doug Kaye, Michael Arrington, Dan Farber, Robert Scoble, and Dave Winer. Their special guest was Ryan Montoya who leads the technology efforts of John Edwards. The discussion got very heated at times with the panel asking hard questions about the […]
  • Gnomedex 6.0: Steve Gillmor’s Attention Operating System
    SEATTLE — Steve Gillmor announces a joint venture between Root.net and GesterBank called the Attention Operating System. Users voluntarily track and contribute their online patterns (their “attention”) to the community. He argues that people already do this on Google and Yahoo as they capture our habits and patterns, keeping and using this data for their […]
  • Gnomedex 6.0: Michael Arrington
    SEATTLE — Michael Arrington of TechCrunch made some interesting points about what makes a successful Web 2.0 company. Namely that demonstrates the “network effect”, wherein every new user make the service more powerful. Also, he mentioned that success can only be measured using two key questions: Does it make money? Does it make the Internet […]
  • Washington Proclamation: RSS Days
    SEATTLE — It’s official: the State of Washington has proclaimed today and tomorrow as offical RSS Days. The proclamation also lists a number of state offices and departments that embrace this technology. Technorati Tags: gnomedex, gnomedex6, seattle
  • Gnomedex 6.0 Welcome Reception
    SEATTLE — I just got home after attending the Gnomedex early registration/welcome reception. The first thing that struck me was how popular and, at the same time, somewhat foreign, the concept of an “un-conference” was to my fellow attendees. Everyone I talked to agreed that the standard conference formula of having a “track” or “theme”, […]
  • Gnomedex 6.0 Begins
    SEATTLE — I just got home from work (riding my bike getting ready for the STP) and am about to head over the Bell Harbor Conference Center here in Seattle for Gnomedex 6.0. Early registration is tonight and there is a bit of a welcome reception I hear. Technorati Tags: blog, gnomedex
  • TechCrunch Party at Seattle’s ConWorks
    SEATTLE — Last evening’s TechCrunch Web 2.0 “high-tech” happy hour at Consolidated Works in Seattle drew a mix of industry insiders, venture capitalists, technology geeks, and aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as the media and recruiters who tend to swarm them. Chris Pirillo was there, as was John Cook, along with about 300 others (Flickr photos). […]
  • Seattle PI -More professors ban laptops in class
    SEATTLE — Looks like more college faculty are opposing the use of laptops in their classrooms. My favorite quote from when a professsor serving on jury duty: “…recalled asking the stenographer if she found the case interesting. She replied that she didn’t remember anything she had taken down, Mooney said. “I thought, ‘That’s what my […]
  • On Note Taking
    A USA Today article from March 21, 2006 titled “Law professor bans laptops in class, over student protest” has reignited the long-standing debate about the better method of taking notes: by hand, or using some form of technology, like laptops or tablet PC’s. A little closer to home, last fall my nephew Matt used note-taking […]
  • How Committed Are You?
    An article last year by Mark Morford in the San Francisco Gate asked, “Why do you work so hard? ” Morford asserts that most of us are living the myth that “hard work is all there is” and supports this with examples of people enriching their heart, instead of their bank account, and in turn, […]

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