2005 Chilly Hilly

02.27.2005 · Posted in Bicycling

27 February 2005
Seattle – I did the 2005 edition of Cascade Bicycle Club’s Chilly Hilly. 2675 vertical feet in 34 miles (I took a brief detour to the Blackbird Bakery in Winslow), 2 hours 34 minutes, max speed of 44.30 mph.
I managed to snap some photos with my camera phone. Here are a few (you can see the rest at my Flickr Photostream). Captions are beneath the photos.

2005 Chilly Hilly - Waiting to Leave
Waiting for the ferry to show up… It was 20 minutes late because of fog.

2005 Chilly Hilly - Walking On/Leaving Seattle
Clumping onto the ferry once it showed up.

2005 Chilly Hilly - Waiting for Ferry (Bainbridge Island)
Waiting for the Ferry to Seattle

2005 Chilly Hilly - Unloading Seattle
Unloading in Seattle

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