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12 February 2005
Seattle – Neil Prakash, a Tank Platoon Leader in Fallujah who can write (and write well) has a blog giving some insight to whats going on in Iraq.
Here’s a sample:
“It was midnight. We had followed in the dust trails of Avenger Company. Behind my armored platoon, the scout humvees bumped and bounced behind me. Man I love tracks. So smooth. I was on Phase Line Mike, which was the eastern most north-south road in Fallujah. Open desert was on my left. On my right, just meters from my tank were two story houses. Even if the Marines hadn’t cut the power to Fallujah, there still wouldn’t be electricity in this city. Every power line was lying on the ground or hanging by one end. The artillery strikes and the high profile Bradleys made sure that the wires came down. I looked at the black houses. Everything had a video game feel in the PVS-14s. Besides the fact that everything was green in night vision, the image had a weird magnification to it. It was not unlike looking through pond water and having the image slightly refracted. The dark green houses looked back at me with black windows. Nothing stirred. Even SGT P wasn’t picking up anything in the thermal sights of the tank.”
These blogs aren’t exactly encouraged by the current administration. You can read more at: http://avengerredsix.blogspot.com.

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