How you can tell that Mike loves his job at the zoo - Part 2

This month's installment centers around Mike's attempt to bring a more diverse animal population to the zoo. 

When he suggested an Australian exhibit he was met with much skepticism, but was told that if he could show that such an exhibit would be financially stable then they would consider it.

In other words, he had to show them that it could draw people (and their money) to the zoo.

Obviously this is a very difficult thing to do, and Mike (not being very experienced in demographic analysis) decided to take another approach.

He decided to rent some of the animals himself, and if people came to see them he would have the evidence he needed to present to the zoo administrators.

Unfortunately, he only had $50.

That wouldn't even rent a boomerang, he was told.  But Mike, resourceful and persistent, did not give up. And with the help of a local costume shop he did succeed in drawing crowds to the zoo, although not exactly because they appreciated Australian wildlife.

Here above is a picture of how he managed to convince the zoo administration to never, ever, have an Australian animal exhibit.

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