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The following are excerpts from messages posted to the PIE mailing list. My including them here should not be considered an endorsement by me or PIE. I (and I assume PIE) has no vested interest in any company or product listed below. Enough! On to the maps.

Nuthatch Grove Bookstore

From: dlatini 

Recently someone was looking for maps of Italy.  I just got the catalog 
from the Nuthatch Grove Bookstore (it advertises in POINTers).  They have 
4 maps available: Calabria (c. 1890), Sicily (c. 1890), Naples (c. 1890), 
and Italy (c. 1875).  The map of Italy is 2 sheets of 18X24 paper 
including margins and sells for $10.95.  The other three maps are each 1 
sheet of 11X17 paper, including margins, and sell for $3.95 each.
In case anyone doesn't want to wait for my post on the quality of the 
maps, the Nuthatch Grove address is 5144 North Academy Blvd, Suite 302
Colorado Springs, CO  80918-4002.
David Latini (POINT#2341)

National Geographic

From: Tom Alciere 

An excellent map of Italy was included with the February 1995 National
Geographic and now hangs on my wall. Copies of the issue may still be

Tom Alciere (#1506)

Globe Corner Bookstore

From: Tom Alciere 
Subject: Map store where you can find good maps of Italy

In Cambridge, Massachusetts there is a good map store where for $9.95 I
got a road map of Campania and Basilicata (one map). Globe Corner
Bookstore, it's called. Call 1-800-358-6013.

Tom Alciere (#1506)

And . . .
From: R. Brucato

"Road Map Sheet 14, Official Map of the Italian Touring Club"
(3' x 4') of Sicily
published by Kummerly + Frey
$9.95 from 

The Globe Corner Bookstore
Boylston Street
Boston MA

Phone: 1-800-358-6013

They offer many other countries too.

Touring Club Italiano

From: Gianfranco Accattino 

 Hello Pie noters
 I saw from several notes that you may find difficult to get Italian maps.
 As far as I know, best maps are made by 
 (no personal financial interest in those two map makers (::)
  only a little attraction for the town of Novara, where I lived for 10 years) 


From: ArduiniF


The best maps of Italy (to include several regional maps) I've found
available here in the US are European Road maps put together by companies
such as Michelin. These maps are intended for the European motorist headed
south for vacation, but are equally valuable for the genealogist trying to
nail down the location of his / her home towns. 

Most of the large book "superstores" (Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc.) will have a great
selection of such maps in the Travel section of their stores, near to (but usually
separate from) their travel books.

The Michelin map of Sicily (for example) is very large and incredibly
detailed, with even the tiniest hamlets clearly marked and indexed. The only
problem encountered is when a town has changed name (such as Castrogiovanni
becoming Enna after WWII), but hey, we all deal with bigger problems than
THAT in our research.

Check it out,

Frank Arduini, POINT #955

Rand McNally/Hallwag

From: "ARTHUR F. DEFAZIO Hey all, I just found the awesomest (is that a word?) map! It is put out by Rand McNally/ Hallwag. It looks sort of like a AAA triptik on the outside. Inside, first of all, is a huge fold-out map measuring about 3 feet wide and 4.5 feet long. It has insets for all the major cities as well. There is a separate little index booklet attached inside the cardboard cover, listing tons of places (including Gimigliano, my families hometown, a tiny village of only about 4,000 people). The index includes regions and provinces and Alpine passes. Inside the other cover is mostly travel info - e.g., emergency numbers, etc. Near the back of the index booklet is a page listing "Touring addresses" for the various regions, including postal code and phone number. On the next page is a mini map with the Regions and provinces marked and the next page is a table listing these (similar to what can be found in the rear of the Pointers directory). The scale is 1cm=10km. This thing really is great, especially given the number of poor quality maps out there (i.e., none of them show my tiny ancestral home). It cost me $12 at Wide World of Maps. Oh, by the way, on the back is a small map of italy, and there is a sliding card that allows you to compute distance between major cities. Just align the card so the city of origin appears in the little box, then find the number next to the city that is your destination. Too cool! And yes, the map does cover Sardegna and Sicilia, though the Distoguide, as it iscalled, only covers the mainland and Sicily. Art
And some more input . .

Grande Atlante Stradale de Agostini

From: Thomas Boyle 
Subject: Re: awesome map

Hello, everyone,

The Rand McNally/Hallwag may is everything Arthur says it is. I have a 
copy. But I adhere to a stricter standard than he does: a truly awsome 
map must have Casasco on it, my grandfather Perolini's birthplace, pop. 
@300. It does not. 

Recently, with serendipity sitting on my shoulder, I found at my 
favorite thrift shop a 1993 copy of Grande Atlante Stradale de Agostini, 
a 300 pg road atlas of Italy, 1:250000, put out by the Instituto 
Geografico de Agostini, Novara (the town, I guess). A sticker on the 
back says 30.000 about $17; I paid $2. 

And yes, it does have Casasco.

Lucille Frontini Boyle

Library of Congress


There has been some discussion of maps.  This may be old news to most, but the 
Library of Congress will send you FREE a highly detailed map of just about any town 
and surrounding area.  

The maps I received for towns of Cunevo and FLavon (in Trento province) showed
clusters of houses, churches, cemeteries, forests, castles, etc.  

Takes about  3-4 weeks to arrive.

Sal Romano (researching names IOB from towns of Cunevo and
Flavon - just north of city of Trento) and PILATI (from
towns of Rallo and Tassullo - also north of Trento) 
Great, but how do we get them? . . .

I have received some mail concerning my prior posting on
getting detailed Italy maps.  The address is:

Senior Reference Librarian
Library of Congress
Geography and Map Division
Washington, DC 20540-4760

 As mentioned, these are highly detailed maps (house clusters, etc).  It even
showed the location of a castle where some distant cousins lived.  Small towns 
ARE shown -- the town of Cunevo (family name IOB lived there) has a
population varying between 475-525 residents.

You will generally received three or four large maps of the 
area.  Give town name, province, and nearest large city.
Good luck,  Sal

Salvatore Romano 

Italian Genealogical Group Map Book


Hi Everyone-- I got a great map book with a wonderful index in back. It
covers all of Italy. The book is 144 pages 8 1/2 X 11 on a scale of
1:300,000   To get this book send a check for $16.95 ($14.95 plus $2.00
postage) to:

Italian Genealogical Group of New York
7 Grayon Drive
Dix Hills, New York 11746

Point 2016  

The Map Store

From: Tony Tontodonato 

The Map Store
1636 I Street NW
Washington, DC  20006
(202) 628-2608

The Gold Bug

From: R. Brucato

P.O. BOX 588
ALAMO, CA 94507


PHONE:  (510) 838-MAPS

I bought a map of Sicily circa 1875 and it was very good (about $1 or $2
xeroxed).  There are so many other countries available also!

some more on GOLDBUG . . .

Thanks for your note. Our 1875 Siciily maps have hundreds of towns and
villages, so I would expect your towns to be there if they existed at that
time. Here's a list of what we have available:

All  reproductions are black and white on 8.5 by 11 inch
bond paper (unless otherwise specified in the description).
Some have been enlarged from the original edition to improve
 the detail, and some slightly reduced to fit the page size. 
Most are very good quality reproductions, but this will vary 
according to the quality and condition of the original.  The 
number following the map title is the original year of
 publication or the year depicted.

_Eastern Europe 1885
_Western Europe 1885
_Eastern Europe 1885
_Western Europe 1885
_Eastern Front WWI
_Western Front WWI

_Eastern Sicily 1875
_Western Sicily 1875
_Italy 1881
_Lake Geneva 1907
_BerneseOberland 1912
_Sardinia 1907
_Italy/Switzerland/Fiume 1920

****************ALL MAPS ABOVE THIS LINE ARE 75 CENTS EACH ************

****************** MAP SETS BELOW ARE INDIVIDUALLY PRICED ****************
Most of the maps in these sets have been previously listed as single
items in our catalog. We have grouped them to make room for new items. 

These sets include 1885 map(s) of the countries plus the number
of city maps indicated below. Also included are a list of provinces
with population and other statistical information.

[ ] AUSTRIA-HUNGARY(12 Cities)..................$ 6.00
[ ] FRANCE (32 Cities)...........................................13.50
[ ] GERMANY-PRUSSIA (43 Cities) ...................12.50
[ ] FRANCE (32 Cities)...........................................13.50
[ ] GERMANY-PRUSSIA (43 Cities) ...................12.50
[ ] HOLLAND & BELGIUM (12 Cities) ...............  6.00
[ ] IRELAND (4 Cities) ...........................................  4.50
[ ] ITALY & SWITZERLAND (19 Cities) .............12.50
[ ] NORWAY, SWEDEN, DENMARK (3 Cities)  .. 6.00
[ ] RUSSIA & POLAND(10 Cities) .......................... 8.50
[ ] SCOTLAND (11 Cities) ........................................ 6.50
[ ] SPAIN & PORTUGAL (11 Cities) ...................... 7.50

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