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Help about Mangarella family history (ANYBODY)

From: Matthew Mangarella
Date: 30 Jan 2001
Time: 23:57:24
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Dear everybody:

I'm here because first of all I don't know the meaning and origination of my last name. How was it spell originally? What is the background from ancient to medieval times? Were we acquainted with the crusades and the St. Jean family? Did we stand up for Mary Magdalene? The reason is one of the members of my family is not sure about the history of the Mangarella family and I'm wondering if we had any famous ancestors? I'm just curious and a member of my family is working on a family tree for right now, so if anybody could help us I would be truly appreciative. Is there any books written about the Mangarellas and any famous significance about them? Anyone's advice would be thankful.

Sincerely, Matthew Mangarella

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