The 2001 Kitchen/Utility Room Project

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September 3rd, 2001

After raising the counter and the HEAVY cast iron sink one inch, there was room to install a dishwasher.  No more hand washing of dishes!

From in front of the refrigerator, this is what the microwave/vent combo looks like.  Of course there was a ceiling joist right where we wanted to run the vent so we had to get a little creative with our ductwork.

We moved the spices to a rack over the stove.  This not only puts them right where we need them, it opens up some additional cabinet space.
Karen's pride and joy: a well organized drawer.
Probably the best shot of the new cabinets.  From here you can see the pull-out pantry and microwave/vent combo.  The counter tops have yet to be installed - do you like our 3/8" plywood/fiberboard temporary counters?

May 20th, 2001

5-20-01_Inside-NewOpeningFromLivingRoom.jpg (39460 bytes) Why yes, there is a new opening in the back of our kitchen.  This is the view from the living room.

This is the view of the opening from on top of the refridgerator (which was moved from the south wall, to the north wall of the kitchen).

5-20-01_Inside-NewOpening.jpg (42165 bytes)
5-20-01_Outside-BothDoors.jpg (57529 bytes) For now, we have two doors to the outside world.  The one on the left requires a longer stride...

Here is the view of our new door from the side garage door.  Think it's begging for a deck?

5-20-01_Outside-NewDoor.jpg (38704 bytes)
5-20-01_WasherDryer.jpg (29117 bytes) The washer & dryer have been moved to the north wall.  You can catch a glimpse of  the new door.

A closer look at the new door.  It was a non-stock special order that was returned by it's original owner to Home Depot.  We found it tucked amongst the other doors - it had been marked down 2 times!  I sanded with 220 and then 320 grit sandpaper.  I then used one coat of gel stain (American Oak) followed by two coats of Cetol Marine finish.  It needs one more coat. 

5-20-01_Inside-NewDoor.jpg (36849 bytes)
5-20-01_NewOpening-BottomNorth.jpg (34262 bytes) Here is the north side of our new cased opening between the kitchen & utility room.  The washing machine is visble on the left side.

This is the top of the north side of the opening.  For the header, I used 2, 2 x 10's (which actually has a nominal size of 1 1/2" x 9 1/4" - go figure) sandwiched around a piece of 1/2" plywood.

5-20-01_NewOpening-TopNorth.jpg (38237 bytes)
5-20-01_NewOpening-TopSouth.jpg (30996 bytes) Did I mention that the new header, A) weighed a ton (Karen helped my slide it up into place) and, B) is about the strongest thing in the house?  I coined a new term during this project, "Structural Trim" - and this house has loads of it...

We need the fan because it's hot in here without insulation (it's coming soon).

5-20-01_NewOpening-BottomSouth.jpg (36285 bytes)

April 7th, 2001

washerdryer.jpg (31449 bytes) This is the view from the doorway to outside looking north.  Along the wall on the right is a door into the kitchen.   Can you tell that this was a screened in porch at one time?  The screen is still there...

This is from the door to the kitchen looking at the door to the outside.  In the upper righ-hand corner you can see some signs of the rotting roof decking.

washer_corner.jpg (32527 bytes)
overoutsidedoor.jpg (33032 bytes) Above the exterior door is some kind of wiring connection.

Here a  close up view of the rotted roof decking over the washing machine.

rotted_ceiling.jpg (34042 bytes)
overinsidedoor.jpg (23853 bytes) Over the interior door is this non-structual framing.  It's only purpose is to cover up the various electrical connections coming out of the house.

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