...more prep...

...ahh, brisket!

...more brisket.

...brisket & rub!

Shiner Bock!

Time to start smokin!

Goofy fella...

Goofy gal...

Warren on the phone...

Carolina & Gene Lawson

Chris & Beth

Hungry People


The Lawson's & The Middlebrook's

People waiting for food

Goldfish Fishing!

Make a Wish!

Fishing takes patience

Lots of patience.

Justin and Warren Hamming it up.

Oh, a neighbor is a person in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neigh-bor-hood.

Beth, Marty and Alison... Are you wondering where the sunshine went?

Joe and Karen
Host and Hostess
Chef and Cook

Why does everyone look cold?

... still fishing...

... but moved to a new location...

What are they up to now?

Gene, Joseph and Anna.

Warren, Justin, LeAnn and Jordan dancing on the table.

Digestion takes a lot of concentration.

Uncle Eugene would be so proud.

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